10 No-No’s When Contacting a Blogger at Arbenting

We’ve all had to contact bloggers at different times to ask for their advice, maybe request a feature, or offer some input. Some say it can be considered next to impossible to get a favorable response from a busy blogger. That is mainly because there is a right way and a wrong way when contacting a blogger about their blog.

This was one of our more generalized articles that didn’t exactly relate to t-shirts. The information in this article can translate across the blogosphere in any niche or industry. It is more about simple etiquette and even works offline in any kind of meeting with someone of influence.

I would like to give you the “10 No-No’s When Contacting a Blogger” featured at Arbenting.


12 Cool Big Cartel Stores at Design Shard

Big Cartel is one the coolest shopping carts available. Their system is reasonably priced and very easy to manage and maintain. One of the cooler features other side is the ability to completely customize the look and feel of a store. This is crucial when trying to pair up the theme of your store to the theme of your brand.

This freedom to customize has been taken advantage of by quite a few brands to really church up their look and feel. In fact, there are quite a few designers out there who specialize in customization of Big Cartel stores. This post, 12 Cool Big Cartel T-Shirt Stores, was a chance to highlight the stores that really stood out.


Good to Great Artwork at Pop Culture Tees

If you haven’t heard by now, vector artwork is the best kind for t-shirt printing. So naturally taking a jpeg and converting it to vector format can immediately improve the quality of your design. That is just one of the many ways to take good artwork and turn it into great artwork as it relates to t-shirt printing. This can really improve the overall look of the design by ensuring smooth lines instead of jagged edges.

This article called “How to Take Your T-Shirt Artwork from Good to Great” was written by us and posted at Pop Culture Tees. Check it out: