Questions To Ask For 4-Color T-Shirt Printing at MyInkBlog

4-Color process t-shirt printing is a beast to get right. Especially when customer expectations are for the t-shirt print to come out exactly like the photo print on paper or on the computer. It is nearly impossible and should be expected at 80-85% quality at best. However, if that is the only way you can go with the design you created, we put together a few questions you should ask the t-shirt printer before the printing is done.

One of the main components when asking these questions is measuring the amount of confidence in the answers from the printer. If it is something they do all the time and know from experience how well they are fit for the job, then jump on it. If they seem shaky and unsure, then look in another direction. 4-Color process printing on t-shirts is not something to be taken lightly and certainly isn’t something you should try and convince a screen printer to try if they aren’t comfortable with it.

For more information, please check out our guest article “Questions To Ask For 4-Color T-Shirt Printing” at MyInkBlog.


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